Based on the DevOps from 20+ ETC experiences we already gained in Taiwan, FETCi has perspectives to provide Intelligent tolling service total solution, which is different from other market players as system vendors.


We are aware that tolling is not only a governmental infrastructure project, but a B2C business which needs to be trusted by road users and citizens. With this mindset , FETCi executes projects in a holistic approach considering business, service, operation along with technical aspects. The goal is to achieve the effectiveness of RFID technology, with ISO 18000-6C standard, to enable tolling at high-speed traffic highway road networks with a significant level of accuracy.

Verification & Audit Result certified by TüV Rheinland

High Speed eTag Deduction Module Test > 160 km/h
High Speed Enforcement Module Test > 180 km/h
Bumper to Bumper ETC Test < 60 cm
High Speed Motorbike ETC Test >150 km/h

Audit period (2014/02/01~2014/04/30) Audit result
Total Audit Transactions 4,805,610
Tolling Accuracy 99.9999%
Vehicle Detection Accuracy Rate 99.9899%


For the free-flowing tolling, FETCi applies varieties of technologies and combines them into smart system. We design, implement, and operate the smart tolling service solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

Moreover, we also provide system migration service. In order to achieve it, we offer complete solutions with a combination technology to fulfill all types of requirements and regional considerations:

  • RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) Communication (ISO 18000-6C)
  • Artificial Intelligence License Plate Recognition(AILPR) or Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR)
  • Vehicle classification technologies.
  • Remote IoT device monitoring and diagnostic
  • Modulized and high availability designed edging system
  • Predictive O&M system