FETCi Iris Parking Antenna
The FETCi IRIS Linear Antenna is an UHF RFID dedicated antenna for both indoor and outdoor. This high gain flat patch waterproof antenna provides 10dBi gain which is suitable for access control, IOT, Smart Transportation and diverse Smart City applications.
FETCi Aura Antenna
The FETCi AURA ORT RFID Antenna high performance RFID Antenna for Open Road Tolling (ORT), Electronic Vehicle Registration, and other RFID-driven ITS applications. With 20-years open road tolling experience in Taiwan freeway since 2004, it is proven that this product meets the most demanding traffic situations. Specifically design to be over-the-road antenna, the FETCi AURA ORT RFID Antenna is easy to install and create the optimal read zones for any RFID applications.