The traffic management and control system applies the roadside detection facilities such as vehicle detectors and CCTV cameras to process traffic analysis by the computer system or manual judgment at the Smart Center for operator to formulate traffic control response strategies. The corresponding traffic control response strategy is to provide motorists information or control measures through information display or traffic control facilities to enhance the transport efficiency of the motorway and improve the service level of the road network. Therefore, the management and traffic control system must be intelligent. In addition to fulfilling the above-mentioned demand functions, it can also effectively reduce the loading on the operation or maintenance personnel according to the degree of its intelligence.

Safe and reliable

FETCi provides intelligent traffic management and control system which has accurate, rapid and efficient features to meet the needs of motorists and management requirement, and to meet the expectations of the establishment of the image of the organization and performance. The traffic management and control system also has the characteristics of safety and reliability, regardless of the security protection of the external network, or the backup of the subsystems of the system itself, etc., must be well protected, so as not to be damaged by external forces or its own system. In the event of a device failure, the provision of a system abort service occurs.

Taiwan has developed a traffic management and control system for more than 30 years with more than 1,700 kilometers freeway of experience.

We have a wealth of experience in design and supervision, combined with Taiwan’s most extensive traffic management and control system design, supervision engineering consultants and system integration integrator, based on this project requirement to propose the most completed perfect solutions.